Derek Brownhill DHP NRAH
Wolverhampton Hypnotherapist and Hypno-Analyst
Member of the National Register for Advanced Hypnotherapists
UKCHO Registered Therapist No. 80260

What can Hypnotherapy be used to treat and cure?

I utilise Hypnosis for the purpose of two is hypnotherapy which is basically suggestion therapy; I use this to help clients stop smoking, control weight, boost confidence, (but only when a lack of confidence is not an on going problem) pass driving tests, ease exam nerves, improve focus and concentration, bolster sports motivation (eg golf, snooker, boxing etc), conquer a fear of flying, attain better sleep, overcome interview nerves, etc.

buy my bookMy second therapy which I would describe as "Unique and brilliant" is Hypno-analysis. I use this therapy to cure clients of depression, anxiety, phobias, panic attacks, impotence and other sexual dysfunction, blushing, lack of confidence, compulsive eating disorder, jealousy, stammering, irritable bowel , stress, irrational fears, anger and bad temper, unusual behaviour, gambling, obsessions etc.

People suffering with the above symptoms rarely know the source of their problem, they only know they have the symptoms. The reality is they do know the source of their dilemma, but only on a subconscious level.

Because the subconscious mind records all of our life experiences then it stands to reason that it knows the source of the depression, (or whatever the symptom may be.)

I specialise in exposing the source of the problem to the light of conscious awareness through the process of analytical therapy. When this is achieved the symptom will cease to exist permanently.

Derek Brownhill
Wolverhampton Hypno-Analyst
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